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Our Curriculum

Oxford English School’s Curriculum

Oxford English School aims to provide teaching programs that embody the school vision, where children are encouraged to improve the nation by focusing on their education.  This is accomplished by providing a wide range of class activities and student-centered lessons, using technological devices to enhance experiences, and differentiating learning activities to ensure students are being challenged to extend their knowledge, skills, and thinking ability, to become independent learners-being able to learn lifetime skills and providing the opportunity for students to think critically on different methods of solving their given task which is not usually the conventional methods, thereby encouraging and promoting creativity in problem solving.  It is this high order teaching pedagogy in a cross circular syllabus with a focus on building English and Arabic language skills, assessing for learning and providing individual targets and feedback that will elevate our learners to the level that we wish them to be.

There is an outline of objectives and learning outcomes mapped over the year for each year level to ensure coverage of all learning objectives of the curriculum based in The National Curriculum of England.

The core subjects are taught in two languages, English and Arabic.  English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Art, Physical Education and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) are educated in English as a second language.  As our students are second language speakers, we do try to modify the curriculum to a certain extent to suit the needs of our learners. Our plans, programs, and activities are an indication of this. Arabic, Islamic Studies and Qatar History courses are imparted using the Arabic dialect following the Qatar Ministry of Education requirements. 

In the school, there is a focus on cross curricular activities and projects that help to enrich the curriculum. The school encourages student centered learning, hands on experience, and a variety of activities so that the students gain confidence and learn a wide range of knowledge and skills.

Differentiation is expected, a good practice is shared and teaching and learning cater to each child in the school. The school prides itself on the range of support programs that are provided in both English and Arabic throughout the school.

Oxford English School aims to achieve four learning outcomes which are separately articulated through project work, and these are: knowledge application, communication, collaboration, and independent learning. While students learn to work in groups as in the class projects above, they will also learn independently through self-reflection and evaluation of their own work processes as they present assigned project work. The following are the learning outcomes for project work identified at OES:

Domains Learning Outcomes
Knowledge Application Students were able to acquire the ability to make links across different areas of knowledge and to generate, develop and evaluate ideas and information and applied these skills to the project task.
Communication Students communicated their skills effectively and presented ideas clearly and coherently as they presented their projects.
Collaboration Students acquired collaborative skills through working in a team to achieve common goals.
Independent Learning Students were able to learn on their own, reflect on their learning and take appropriate actions to improve it.